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Saturday, 7 April 2012

World climate

The beautiful world in which we live is full of natural variety. There are high mountains, vast oceans, green forests and a large number of known and unknown animals. The submerged uin the great ocean of air. How wonderful it is!

Necessity of the ecological balance: the soil, water and air, and liberal sunshine in the sky are the main constituents of natural environment, in this conducive environment there emerged life sometime in the remote past. From one celled small creature there was created vast biodiversity in land, oceans and air . all these were possible by the favorable environment, weather and climate created in course of millions of years of evolution and natural development. All things of nature that form the environment are interrelated. Humans, animals and plants are interwoven with their surroundings like a complex web and by altering anyone part of the web one can affect all the other parts. To maintain the normal condition of the world environment and climate the elements of nature should remain furnished in such a way as Nature itself furnishes them. Favorable climate is essential for the safe and risk-free existence of humans, animals and plants on the ecological balance of the environment.

The main culprit of deforestation: once our cave living ancestors, the primitive men feared nature. But time came when they began to use nature. They utilized their intelligence and conquered nature. Through the development of science they explored the mystery of nature. With the increase of population their necessity increased. To meet up the increased necessity men used nature indiscreetly and as a result ecological i9mbalance brought about changes in the world’s climate. 

The climatic change has occurred mainly due to the increase of temperature in the air.. the temperature in the air is being increased by the increase of greenhouse gases like carbon-dioxide chlorofluorocarbon-carbon, carbon monoxide, nitric acid, methane etc. among the greenhouse gases the amount of carbon DI-oxide is much more than other gases. It has been observed that after the industrial revolution from the mid 18th to mid 19th century has greatly reduced the photosynthesis process of plants. Deforestation and burning down of forest adds 100 million metric ton of carbon DI-oxide in the air every year. From the beginning of 20th century to 1999 0.3-1’celsius carbon DI-oxide has been increased. Climatologists predict that midway through the present century temperatures may have risen by as much as 4’c. this could catastrophically reduce mankind’s ability to grow food, destroy or severely damage wild-life and wilderness, rise sea level, create more intense storms and flood coastal areas and farmlands.

The ozone layer stretched from troposphere to stratosphere works as a shield and protects the biosphere from the serious harmful effects of ultra-violate rays of the sun. the increase of chlorofluoro-carbons is gradually depleting the ozone layers. CFC is used mainly in two ways: air conditioning and cleaning computer chips, The exposure of ultra-violet rays has much to do in spreading skin-cancer and blindness, reducing body’s immune system, damaging plant tissues and reducing sea creatures. 

Rapid growth of industries: Global warming is being hastened by the rapid growth of industries, power plants operated by mineral fuels, motor vehicles etc. The oceans are also being affected both because of human waste and because of pollution caused by industrial waste products, oil seeping from damaged super tankers and from other maritime disasters.

The whole world is worried about the preventive ways for tacking environment pollution and climatic disorder. In different countries strict ban on poly bags is declared and legal operations to stop it are going on. Movements have been made to stop deforestation and encourage thee plantation. In order to prevent the depletion of the ozone layer the use of CFC has been restricted. There should be effective drainage system to pass away waste materials and poisonous chemicals. Instead of mineral/fossil fuel use of solar energy should have to be increased.


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