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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Human Resource Management

Human resource management is the strategic approach to the management of an organization. It is actually the process involved in managing people in organizations.

The sort of careers available in human resource management is varied. There are generalist jobs, such as, human resource assistance. There are careers involved with employment, recruitment and placement. Training are also conducted by trainers and orientation specialists.

Bangladesh is a developing country. It has plenty of resources. But all its resources have not been fully utilized yet. It has plenty of unused, unexplored natural resources which can help build many new industries. Its agriculture is potentially rich also. But among all these resources of Bangladesh, human resource is the most important. It can also be utilized productively. The huge population of Bangladesh can become a powerful source of human energy to build its economy. To utilize this huge population of employment has recently be taken by the Bangladesh Government. It has set up employment exchange centres in different place of the country to help unemployed people to get suitable jobs.

Self-employment system: Bangladesh is a populous country, but a large number of its people are unemployed. It is not possible for the government alone to give employment to all people. So self-employment is a possible solution to this problem. People themselves can engage in various economic activities. There are facilities for training in different trades and vocations available in the country now. People can train themselves in one or other of these trades and vocations available in the country now. People can train themselves in one or other of these trades and vocations. At present the government also provides loans and counseling and help to start an independent earning activity for the unemployed people of the country.

Employment of women: In Bangladesh women contribute almost 50 per cent of the population. They should also be included in the development programme. For the development have proved their efficiency in many areas. They are working in the mills and factories. They are also doing well in administration. Now it is necessary to involve them more and more in the economic activities which suit their ability and aptitude. A large number of women both literate and illiterate are in desperate need to be employed now. For helping them, employment exchange centers have recently been stared and effort are being made to find suitable employment for them.

Overseas Employment: Bangladesh is now utilizing its manpower in overseas employment. The Bureau of Manpower has been successful in finding a good number of jobs for Bangladeshi nationals outside the country.

Bangladesh has natural resources but it has a vast human resource. If we want to survive as a respectable nation, we must develop our human resource as human capital. So we need to create new economic activities and invent newer ways for utilizing our human capital.


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