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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Aids, A Fatal Disease

AIDS standing for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a deadly disease which makes human beings unable to resist it. It is caused basically by a virus called Hepatitis V. human cell of this disease is Lymphatic Virus there or in short HTLV 111. today this is the most fatal disease in the present world. This is a most tragic incident in the history of mankind.

Some scientists believed that HIV spread from monkeys to human’s between1926-1946.  But recent researches suggest that HIV most probably jumped from baboons to humans as early as in 1975 and grabbed numerous lives as an epidemic till 1980 in Africa. Researchers say first death happened from AIDS in 1959. in 1982, the term Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome came into the highlight. In 1984, Dr. Robert Gallow (VS) claimed to discover the virus of AIDS.

Illicit sex life in the globalize world has its dreadful impact on the sex life of Bangladesh and turned the life of Bangladesh into the clutch of AIDS. About 50% youths are addicted to pre-marital sex. The youths, economically insolvent attending brothel are on the increase. About 60% truck drivers are addicted to brothel sex in the post-marital life. Besides, sex exerts its black grip around the world because of satellite life and students, traders, bureaucrats, rickshaw pullers are the victims of it. In fact this disease keeps spreading. About 74 thousand Bangladeshis are going abroad –whose HIV is tested before VISA but after returning home most of them are affected with AIDS due to their negligence of using condoms. On the other hand nearly 1 lac foreigners are coming to Bangladesh with HIV.
Commercial blood donors sell their blood due to their want and many of them are attached with sexuality. Drug addicted people are spreading HIV by infusing needles and dishonest traders are selling reused needles and spreading HIV.

Presence of HIV virus in the human body can be detected 3 weeks to 3 month after it has attacked. Detection of virus is done with blood. An HIV patient is very conspicuous with typical expression with blood semen, secretion from the vaginal passage, tears urine and breast milk.

Some symptoms are dominantly expressed in the patient of HIV is positive. Body weight decreases abruptly, diarrhea continues for more than one week and body temperature continues for more than one month. Coughing., skin diseases with inflammation, fungal infection over the face along with other complications are the symptoms of HIV patient.
Use of condoms can prevent AIDS in the highest scale and number. By limiting sexually transmitted diseases, ensuring sex education for the growing generation, encouraging religious sexual behaviors and creation awareness among the people AIDS can be reduced and controlled.

(a)    the experts, researchers and doctors, time and again, stressed on the need for creating a wide-scale awareness among the common and sabage people about the deadly disease.
(b)    The superstitious citizens of our country must have practical view towards AIDS and Basic Sex Education should be imparted as soon as possible.
(c)    The sex workers, their beneficiaries, customers must be educated in practical aspect of AIDS, its reasons and results of course.
(d)    The medicines and vaccines now available around the world must be allowed in our country in low tariff.
(e)    Mass media’s role is effective in giving emphasis on AIDS. Print media can also play a reformative role to make people conscious.
(f)      Seminar, symposium and rally can be arranged to awaken people about AIDS.
(g)    Above all, wide range screening test system should be spread to the grassroots level to detect the HIV carriers.

AIDS is our enemy standing at our doors and we should now understand that prevention is better than cure. We should fight against this fatal disease by our moral courage and prudence. We hope for a world free from AIDS.


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