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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Air pollution

No living being can live without air. But it is polluted now. One of the greatest problems all over the world is air pollution. It is constantly being polluted by smoke from mills, factories and from carbon-mono-oxide gases emitted by motor vehicles. Big cities have thousands of cars, buses and trucks plying all day long. These vehicles burn diesel and petrol which produce a lot of smoke and pollute air. Specially, in the cities and big industrial areas serous air- pollution takes place. Over population is another cause of air pollution in our country. Railway engines and power houses burn coal and oil which produce smoke and air is polluted. Polluted air causes nowadays incurable diseases to men. Nature has lost its balance as treads are not enough now. So, it is high time to take proper steps to plant trees everywhere and to control the haphazard growth of industries. To make air fresh, the destruction of trees must be prevented. In fact, all possible steps should be taken by all concerned to stop air pollution.


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