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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Health And Sanitation

Health is wealth goes the very well-known proverb. It normally indicates physical fitness of a person but it is more than this. Good health indicates mental soundness also. To keep out health sound and fit we have to maintain certain rules relating to walking, taking balanced diet, early rising, proper sleeping etc. indirectly some factors should be ensured to be healthy. Sanitation is one of them undoubtedly. In fact, sanitation plays a very important role to maintain good health.

Health and sanitation are related to each other. Proper health as well as a sound mind cannot be possible without sanitation.

The sanitation condition in Bangladesh is not so good. It means to keep the places neat and clean by sewerage system and clean water supply.
In urban areas normally people are educated and conscious and they try to be clean and health. The government has developed sewerage systems to protect the environment. In the cities also there are slums. The people liking in the slums are not conscious, solvent and educated. So they are not careful about sanitation. They eat uncovered food, do not keep their surroundings neat and clean and have not the sewerage facilities; some people in the big cities do not have any living place of their own. They sleep in the bus stops, train stations, even on roadsides. They pollute overall situation. They sleep in the bus stops, train stations, even on roadsides. They pollute overall situation. They do not have any sanitation facilities. So they keep waste here and there and create an abnormal situation.

In the village area, the environment is naturally safe and clean. All the food items are natural and healthy. But it is very regretful that most of the people here are unconscious and illiterate. They do not have sufficient idea about health and sanitation. They do not take clean and safe food. They have no standard sanitation facilities. They leave their waste (human waste) and other garbage without any consideration. Moreover, they are to use unsafe latrine which is really harmful to health.

There are many latrines standing by the river, canals etc. they always are used and made the sources of poison and pollution. All these things have made our sanitation problem directly or indirectly. Now health and sanitation has become a national issue.
Government has taken a project “sanitation for all”. The problem is given priority by the government. The situation has also been improved to some extent. Many people are now using proper sanitation in the village. But we have to advance more.

People must be careful about this. They have to cultivate the habit of taking clean and covered food. They should make the surroundings clean and comfortable. They should think that health is more valuable than wealth. With ill-health nothing can be done perfectly not even the religious duties. Media can play a vital role in this respect. Non-Government organizations should come forward with a view to improving this condition. They should make people conscious of the importance of health and sanitation. Only then we shall be  able to lead a happy and comfortable life. People then will enjoy a better life.


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