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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Drug addiction

Drug addiction means a strong desire for a drug which the addict cannot resist. Narcotics like opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana, hashish, LSD and cocaine are used by the addicts. When an addict takes them he gets excited and loses control over himself. Addiction to drug has, nowadays, become one of the greatest problems of the world. This curse has spread in our country also. Young people who keep bad company may be addicted. Being frustrated in life some people take to drug which gives them euphoria. But euphoria is very temporary. It is followed by unhappiness. It tells upon the health of the addict seriously and the addict meets an untimely death. It also creates social problems. Narcotics are very expensive. So the addicted persons take to stealing, mugging etc to procure money. Two kinds of measures may be taken to remove this curse. One in preventive and the other curative. Strong steps should be taken to stop the production and trafficking of drugs, sufficient clinics should be established to cure drug addiction. But the permanent solution is to remove frustration, poverty, unemployment and inequality in the society which cause drug addiction.


  1. One of the worst habit this young generation have across the globe is addiction of smoking cigarettes in many quantity in a day all this happen due to bad gathering actually they don't know about that it give them temporary relief but it reduce there health abdominal system as well as heart function so badly.

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